They say good things happen to those who give back.
What a load of crap!
My whole life all I did was give.
To my sister who moved away.
To my mother who up and died!
To my stepfather who didn’t deserve it.
Now it’s my turn…
But when I actually find not one, but two sexy hot men to fulfill my every fantasy, who the hell do I choose?
I want them both.
So bad I can taste them!
They are so close, they call themselves brothers.
One is the strong, dominating, voice-booming, panty dropping male no woman can resist.
And his friend?
Well, he doesn’t need to speak at all. Not with a tongue that does so many delicious, naughty things to my body. I’d do anything for him. Or to him.
They say be careful of what you wish for.
Aint it the truth?
Captured by Kristen Kelly is a full-length, Sexy as Sin, Contemporary Romance novel, with no cliff hangers and a happily ever after.