This is a two book set, with two unrelated stories, for mature audiences only.
Book 1: Captured by the Mountain Men

I didn’t want to be found.
Especially by my mafia stepfather who I was sure would kill me after my mother died.
So I ran.
I didn’t expect to be found by two hot men in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. Nor did I expect to fall in love.
Now I worry that I’m coming between them.
But that’s exactly where they want me.
Am I dreaming, or can the three of us find everlasting love?

Book 2: Splash
Damon Donovan
When I saw her in that decadent bikini all I could think about was ripping it off and carrying her away like a caveman.
But I can’t do that!
It’s not my style.
And she’s not my type.
Besides, I own this place and I’ve sworn off dating clients.
Especially a gorgeous, sexy, mouth-watering angel that looked a bit like a jelly fish when she fell into my pool!
What could I do, but jump in and save her?
Now I’m the one who needs saving.
But my grandmother—of all people—my sweet, crazy, over-the-top, successful grandmother—has other ideas about what I should do with Miss Elizabeth Doyle.
Just like me.
Captured Hearts is a 2 Book Set so hot it will set your kindle on fire!