I found her under my desk!
In kick ass heels she could barely walk in and a skirt that left nothing to the imagination.
A hot innocent sultry little angel just begging me to spoil her.
And spoil her I did.
Up against my captain’s desk where she couldn’t get away.
In every room of my cabin.
Even in that quaint little country gift shop wrapped on an Amish quilt!
I shouldn’t have touched her. I knew she was too young, too innocent, too trusting but once I caught sight of those long slender legs, the sexy smile on those full pouty lips, the way her curves hugged her ass, the stars in her eyes just for me, I went hard at the speed of lightning!
Tell me— how was a man to resist that?
As I firefighter, it went against everything I believed in.
And fighting fires was the best thing I’ve ever done.
It was exciting
The biggest damn high I could have ever have imagined,
Unless I lost one
I know I can’t save them all.
But I sure as hell can save her…
From me.