♥ Two lonely people.

After healing from the most devastating event of her life, Quinn Doyle is ready to move forward.

So what’s a girl to do?

Let go of the past and erase those bad memories, of course.

Focus on her own guilty pleasures for once.

But Quinn has a secret and all bets are off when she meets, Samuel J. Howe, one half of the famously popular Land Lover Brothers.

He’s smart. He’s rich. He knows how to treat a lady and best of all he lives in another time zone.


One weekend of unadulterated sexual bliss with Sam is just what the doctor ordered. No promises of anything else is what Quinn desires too.

But Sam has his own demons to crack. That whole marriage thing? Highly over rated.

As for Sam’s dating rules….

…♥ 3 dates with the same woman is enough for a foundation.

♥♥♥ Then…

Tighten the joists, use a jigsaw, then put up the walls.

That’s the plan anyway but will his heart have that blueprint?

Hot Restorations is Book 1 of The Doyle Sisters Series

Author note: This is a new improved version of Hot Renovations with a new title.