Captured Hearts / 2 Book Set

Book 1: Captured by the Mountain Men

I didn’t want to be found.
Especially by my mafia stepfather who I was sure would kill me after my mother died.
So I ran.
I didn’t expect to be found by two hot men in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. Nor did I expect to fall in love.
Now I worry that I’m coming between them.
But that’s exactly where they want me.
Am I dreaming, or can the three of us find everlasting love?

Book 2: Splash
Damon Donovan
When I saw her in that decadent bikini all I could think about was ripping it off and carrying her away like a caveman.
But I can’t do that!
It’s not my style.
And she’s not my type.
Besides, I own this place and I’ve sworn off dating clients.
Especially a gorgeous, sexy, mouth-watering angel that looked a bit like a jelly fish when she fell into my pool!
What could I do, but jump in and save her?
Now I’m the one who needs saving.
But my grandmother—of all people—my sweet, crazy, over-the-top, successful grandmother—has other ideas about what I should do with Miss Elizabeth Doyle.
Just like me.



“Both books are amazing.”

“Okay two really fantastic standalone books. The Alphas and the queens that bring them to their knees. Keeping you wondering where they are off to next, who will they corrupt next, so I suggest you get a nice warm blanket and a cup of your favorite coffee/hot chocolate because once you start you won’t stop until the last page of the last book has been read.”